Delivery time

To give you clarity on when to expect your order, orders are scheduled in shipping blocks.

When you place your order you can choose a desired shipping period.

It is possible to order flower bulbs as early as June. Flower bulbs are only available from the end of August, some, such as Eremurus and Hippeastrum are harvested even later. It is not logistically possible to deliver all orders from the pre-sale period (June-August) in a few weeks. We also receive continuous orders from September onwards.

On the day of dispatch, we assemble your order with care. The bulbs are not pre-packed in a warehouse, but are kept under the right conditions in wooden crates. The packaging for your order is personalised and filled by hand. Perhaps more labour-intensive, but this ensures better quality control.

Orders are processed chronological. Due to the storage of special bulb trays the flower bulbs remain in better condition and therefore the bulbs are never stored prepacked. On the day of shipment, your order is packed by hand (not mechanically). This means the delivery time is longer than with other products.

When to plant flower bulbs?

The best planting time for flower bulbs is when the soil temperature drops. This takes place from October, as soon as the nights get colder. In northern European countries this is earlier than in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Planting flower bulbs when soil temperatures are still high can result in poor growth. Planting flower bulbs can take place until December and even until the end of December under mild conditions.

Of course, there are also flower bulbs that need to be planted as soon as possible after receipt. We store these bulbs under the right conditions until the time of delivery so that there is no loss of quality until the time of shipping. The packaging indicates that these bulbs and tubers should be planted immediately after receipt.

Orders from countries with early winter are delivered sooner than orders from other countries.


Orders consisting exclusively of autumn-flowering bulbous plants will be processed with priority.

Orders consisting solely of tools or other garden supplies will be shipped immediately.

Storing flower bulbs until planting time:

If the packaging of the flower bulbs indicates that they should be unpacked and planted immediately, this is because otherwise they will quickly deteriorate in quality. If (weather) conditions do not allow immediate planting, you can store these bulbs in closed packaging in the vegetable drawer of the fridge.

All other flower bulbs should be kept dry in opened packaging at room temperature until planting time.

If you order before the planting season:

The shipping of the summer flowering bulbs starts from the beginning of February.

When you place your order you can choose a desired shipping period.