Terms of sale:

The Dutch Courts in Haarlem will settle any dispute under this contract in connection with any question of law.
Minimum shipment per delivery date € 40,00. The costs of freight and package are not included.
Dutch V.A.T. is always included. For orders over € 100,00 the costs of freight and packing are included for countries inside the E.C. and for Switzerland.
We guarantee a good flowering-result, unless you order smaller bulbs than recommended by us.
If any complaint be made touching the description or quality or condition of any goods delivered by the seller under this contract the seller undertakes either to replace within reasonable time, so much of the goods delivered as may be proved to have been defective as regards description, quality or condition when delivered or at his option to make a fait allowance of the price of so much of the goods delivered. The buyer shall have made his complaint to the seller within 10 days of receipt at the buyer’s premises. He shall have forwarded with his complaint a written statement withfull particulars.
Neither party is to be held liable for any failure to carry out this contract caused by circumstances beyond that party’s control.
All accounts are due two weeks after date of invoice.
On overdue accounts 12% interest per annum will be charged, together with the collection expenses.
Ownership of goods is reserved until all obligations have been fulfilled.

Additional discounts
For larger quantities, we apply a discount to the list price:

If you order ten times the quoted number, you will receive a 7% discount.
For more than 20 times the quoted number, the discount is 10%.
It is also possible to order smaller quantities than the quoted number, you will be charged an extra 10% on the list price.

Payment for customers living in our neighbour countries (Belgium, Germany, Denmark, United Kingdom, Luxemburg): within 14 days after date of invoice with no discount or even better: payment in advance by bank transfer, credit card (Visa or Master) or Paypal with 5% discount! Payment for all other customers: payment in advance or by credit card with 5% discount!

It is important that you enter this information correctly on the order form.

Free shipping

We shall bear the costs for shipping and handling for all shipments with a value of € 100,00 or more. For shipments below this amount we charge a small fee (see terms and conditions). Minimum-order: € 40,00 Shipments outside the E.U. and Switzerland shall always be accompanied by phytosanitary certificates and we have to charge an additional € 50,00 for these phytosanitary certificates.

Please note: items marked with 'CITES' like Cyclamen and Galanthus are not available for customers outside the European Union.