Kweekkasje met ventilator, groen 37,5x24cm
Kweekbak groen 35x23,5cm (5 st.)

Kweekbak met groeimedium 35x23,5cm

€15.49 apiece
Tax included
This Nature hydroponic propagator is provided with a growing medium, so you don't need soil. Hydroponics is a growing technique in which the plants grow on the basis of water to which nutrients have been added. This ensures an accelerated germination, optimal PH-value and eliminates the risk of disease in the young plant. The propagator has a tray of special floral foam with 7 x 11 sowing compartments. Fill the tray with water and fill each compartment with a seed. The planter of flexible synthetic material has a transparent lid and measures H 11 x 35 x 23,5 cm.

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